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The representation of the naked body in western visual arts takes different forms. In fact, the controversy surrounding its developing since the 15 th century to present cannot be underestimated. In order to show this better, the exhibition will be held at the Galleria Degli Uffizi Museum of Florence, Italy. The location of this exhibition is important to the local communicate as it acts as a reflection of Christianity along with the power relations and stereotypes of self and others..
According to Flynn (2013), the children whose parents are criminals are also criminals. This statement heavy and final, in the sense that the author affirms that there is an intergenerational connection in terms of criminal behavior. From the research of Flynn, it is apparent that if parents are incarcerated for some criminal activities, there is a possibility of their children also engaging in criminal activities...
As an integral part of the course, I attended the concert; Music with a French Flair concert by Debussy, Berstein, Gounod and Gillock, which was held on 2 nd December 2017 at the Westerbeck Recital Hall of the Center for the Arts located at Pasadena City College. While the concert was planned under the Pasadena City College Performing and Communication Arts Division Music Department, it was directed by Philip Young, Jocelyn Chang and Wen-Ting Huang. The show started at 7 p.m. And it was a combination of Piano and Orchestra. After entering the Westerbeck Recital Hall, it was clear that by no doubt the hall is one of the most spacious halls for professional musical performances. What was even more appealing was the lighting that the management at the college had set at the hall. The ceiling as well carried a 21st century sophistication that helped bring to life the performances however quite or slow. Ideally, the atmosphere at the hall was more formal and less casual as people maintained their silence in-between performances. While the guest had mixed attired between casual and formal, the performers maintained a formal look. The slow piano accompanying ensembles music helps to bring a tone of reliability and fascination...
Over time, the media has played an important role in influencing how people think and what they believe. Nonetheless, the freedom that comes with diversity in the media has also led to conflicting information regarding different subjects. Technically, there is much falsehood as exemplified in Faludi’s text. Even more, Faludi reflects on the contradictions, dependencies and jealousy that exist in the society courtesy of the media effect. To understand this well, one ought to focus on the contradiction that exist through media with reference to authors; Beth Loffreda, Oliver Sacks and Susan Faludi....

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