Sample Papers

Paper Title: French Music Concert Review: Western Classical Music Performance sample essay
Discipline: Theater studies
Pages: 2
Format: MLA

Paper Instructions

Music 21: Attend a live western classical music performance and write a typed report.

Concert Guidelines:

1. The level of the performance must be college-age performers or professional no middle/high school.

2.The performance must be of western art music, similar to the genres discussed in text chapters assigned in the syllabus; orchestra, chamber music, solo instrumental performances, opera, choir, ballet, musicals. If you have doubts about a concert qualifying as western art, music, e-mail me before attending.


3. You must attend the entire performance- no late arrivals or early departures. Name of Concert attended: Music with a French Flair concert by Debussy, Berstein, Gounod and Gillock

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Paper Title: Papa John’s International Inc. Case Study Sample
Discipline: Business & Management
Pages: 7
Format: MLA

Paper instructions 

).Write a report that summarizes your analysis of Papa John’s International Inc.

b). Go to Papa John’s website and identify its mission statement.  Evaluate the mission statement based on what you know from the course.  Reviewing the company’s financial information, explain the company’s financial and operating performance in line with its strategic business focuses.

c). Identify the firm’s strategy.  Do you believe that the strategy is appropriate given the conditions described in the case?

d). Conduct a SWOT analysis of Papa John’s Restaurant and explain your findings.  Provide your critiques related to its strategies and focus and any limitations you detect. Is this an attractive industry in which to operate?  Why or why not? 

e). Which of the following would you recommend in your case and why? 

             i. Any of the five generic competitive strategies?

            ii. Strategic alliances, mergers, acquisition, outsourcing, or competing in new iii.specific, identifiable markets?

           iv. International expansion?

            v. Diversification?

f). Consider and discuss the ethics of the industry and the strategy used by the company.  As far as you can tell, to what extent is the company practicing business ethics, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability? 





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Paper Title: The Naked Citadel by Susan Faludi & the effect of the media sample essay
Discipline: English & Literature
Pages: 4
Format: MLA

Paper Instructions

In Faludi’s text, we see the phrase to “act like human beings” which shows a sense of falsehood (Faludi 103). As you think about the reliance, challenges, and jealousy that are examined in Faludi’s text, consider how the media and what we choose to see affect one of the aforementioned elements. Examine what this really means and how the two, coupled together, lends itself to whether or not society “act[s] like human beings” (Faludi 103).

Relate the following two text with Faludi’s text in your argument:

ü  Beth Loffreda, Selections from Losing Matt Shepard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of Anti-Gay Murder

Oliver Sacks, “The Mind’s Eye: What the Blind See

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Paper Title: Synthesis Sample Essay on the movie Goodfellas
Discipline: Film Studies
Pages: 3
Format: APA

Paper Instructions

Write a three-page report on the scene; I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown,  in the movie Good Fellas that shows the communication processes with utmost three specific concepts used by the actors.



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Paper Title: In College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be By Andrew Delbanco
Discipline: Philosophy
Pages: 4
Format: Chicago

Paper Instructions from Customers

In College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be, Columbia University Professor of Humanities Andrew Delbanco develops a thesis concerning the nature and purpose of higher education. He gives various reasons in support of his thesis and suggestions about how an undergraduate education ought to be structured.

 In this Writing Assignment, your task is twofold:

1.  You are to evaluate some aspect of Delbanco’s thesis.


2. Second, you are to situate the place of philosophy (if there is one) within your evaluation of Delbanco’s thesis. This task is complicated, but manageable. The first part consists in precisely saying whether or not the aspect of Delbanco’s thesis you address is defensible. He has definite ideas about what college is for, and your paper needs to show evidence that you understand what he’s saying. You also need to indicate your agreement or disagreement with him.

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Paper Title: Argumentative Essay on "Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?"
Discipline: English Language
Pages: 4
Format: MLA

Paper Instructions from customer


Argumentative Essay, is addiction is a disease or a choice? 
Preliminary works cited page, 5 sources - 3 must be scholarly sources.

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