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Having been in the academic and content writing industry for more than 3 years, Viselance and team understands that writing is not an easy task.

Honestly, you have to read and practice alot

Proper writing demands the writer to follow many rules with different formatting styles

Fact: we aim at helping both our writers and aspiring customers who want to improve their writing skills by putting together a list of useful services that can be used to produce quality content

Academic Writing Resources

Sources to learn essay formatting and bibliography

  • Purdue Owl- Want to learn different styles of formatting? APA, Mla, Chicago, Harvard? This site has an exhausitive guide on how you can do that.
  • Ottobib- This site allows you to cite your books by just pasting the ISBN number and clicking the 'cite button'
  • Easybib

When writing research papers or term papers, you may often be confused by the most common formatting styles such as Apa, Mla, Chicago or Harvard.

In case of that, be sure to check Purdue Owl for any citation style with its example. If Purdue Owl is too complicated for you, you can try an automated service like Ottobib, but be sure to confirm everything before proceeding.

Places to get academic essay advice

Viselance sample essay page consists of a collection of perfectly selected papers that will guide you step by step on how to write any research paper or dissertation regardless of the discipline.

The list of sample terms papers are written from scratch and are meant for informational purpose only.

After checking our page, you can visit the Harvard College Writing center where you will get the one step by step guide to writing any academic essay.

Online Libraries with Academic journals and essays

  • Jstor
  • Google scholar
  • Fullbooks
  • Ebscohost
  • Wiley online libraries

The list of online free libraries for academic articles is endless and this is just a sample of the most common and useful libraries.

While may be required to pay a fee to access some of this resources such as JSTOR, it does not exceed $15 per year. Please make sure to verify that this has not been revised.

Google schoolar is a free resource for getting peer reviewed articles and case laws.

Learning to use google schoolar can save you a lot of time and keep you stress free.

Mind you, the site allows you to filter the year of publication and type of article

Generating doi for articles

Sometimes, you are required to generate doi for every article you use.

Although some articles may have the doi clearly shown, you can use the following sites:

  • Crossref

Among the three options above, crossref is the easiest to use.

However, we are not endorsing crossref, but you will note that when you search for any article through the search box, the site automatically generate the formats with the respective doi."

For example: we decide to use crossref and search for the query 'College dropout in the US'

When the site loaded, we got different results and decided to copy one for you.

Here is how it looks

Chapter 3. “To Drop Out or Not to Drop Out?” Student Experiences after Program Acceptance. (n.d.). Getting College Ready. doi:10.3726/978-1-4539-1538-7/14

While that is said and done, please also consider the other sites. If you think this page can be improved, contact us now

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