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How do I write a good movie review?

1. Watch the movie

To write a perfect movie review you have to watch the movie first.

It is not rocket science that you cannot write a review for a film you have not watched. If the movie is done in a language you do not understand, try to use English subtitles.

You can set subtitles using popular media players such as the VLCmedia player (if you have downloaded the movie).

2. Write the outline for your film review

To create a quality film essay, you have to organize your thoughts either on a piece of paper notepad or using word document.

Write down the name of the movie, the length (time) as well as its theme. If it is a history movie, write it down.

Lay out the points you are going to include in your review.

When you are told to review a movie review, you are simply being asked to give your thoughts about the movie.

This can be in terms of the director, actors, cinematography or scenes.

In your outline make sure to divide the movie review paper into three parts (introduction, body and conclusion).

By organizing your paper into three sections, you are able to put each idea in its right place.

The introduction of your film review should have a thesis statement.

If you do not know how to write a thesis statement then you need to read here.

The introduction should grad the attention of the reader besides making them want to view the movie. Ever heard, first impression matters? An introduction to movie review is your only chance to convince the reader to continue reading.

Understand the purpose of your movie review

Trust me if you do not know the purpose of writing a movie review, you will not write a perfect review.

However, this is not being said lightly as it takes a professional reviewer to understand the purpose of a movie review. But do not worry; you can also learn the ropes. It’s easy.

The first thing you need to do is layout the facts that are related to the movie. This can be done in one or two simple sentences. Such facts include the title of the movie, when it was released, the director and perhaps its duration.

A good review puts together the opinions of the writer as well as facts related to the movie. The idea of reviewing movies began in the early 1900s.

Yet, although movies are meant for entertainment purpose, they are reviewed to assess their value to the viewer.

A movie review is an honest opinion about a movie which when read should sound objective and reasonable. While some movie reviews are shallow, a good film review is detailed and specific.

This means that unlike other essays, a movie review is not a general research paper.

Simply put, your instructors wants to see more of your critical thinking skills in a film review than research skills.

Should I not research my movie review? Well, you should.

Any movie that has been published online for a substantial amount of time often has many video reviews from major movie review libraries and news channels. These are excellent places to source some of your ideas. However, you should mainly depend on your mind and experience.

What to include in my movie essay?

Like many others, you asked a good question.


The introduction of a movie review although ‘not easy to write’ is simply the easiest because you are giving the title, name of the director among other facts.

For example let assume you are writing a movie review about superman. You can start you introduction like this: In his many years of directing movies, Richard Donner rarely disappoints as seen in his 1978 superhero movie; Superman.

In this example, we have made sure to give the facts as well as grab the attentions of the reader. Most readers will want to watch the movie instantly to confirm your views, but a good film review will urge them to reader more.

Summary of the video

Immediately after writing the introduction, tell the reader more about what the movie entails. This is your chance to list down what you saw. Give facts about the movie but in a brief 5 sentence paragraph.

Do not forget about the purpose of the review which is to give your opinion

When writing the summary part, your assumption is that the reader has not seen the movie.

BBC recommends that in the second paragraph you can name some of the cast such as the main character.

Strengths of the movie

This is basically one of the most important parts in a film review paper.

Now that you have informed the reader about the facts of the movie, this is your chance to give an opinion. Begin by evaluating the different parts of the movie.

Whether a movie scored a rating of 9/10 in IMDB or Rotten tomatoes, it cannot be 100% perfect.

Yet there are those aspects you might have noted when watching the film. Ask yourself the following questions: how was the camera or cinematography? How do actors react to certain situations? How and what type of music is used by the movie director?

When you ask yourself these questions and many others, you will get a point of focus for your essay. To make this part worthy of points, make sure to use specific examples from the movie such as scenes or music tracks.

Critic the film/ Movie Criticism

As we said earlier, nothing is perfect and so are movies. A movie review essay is never complete without a good critic. Like a professional movie reviewers, you should not only focus on what made the movie successful.

Rather, you should ask yourself, what could have the movie or the director done to make the movie better? Was there too much lighting? Was the movie biased? Is the movie too much traditional?

Develop a habit of asking yourself questions through your head and answering them in your review paper. However, this part should be done in a natural way without exaggeration such as over-critiquing or under-critiquing.

Academic connection with the film

While this part it not mandatory, it should be included to make an excellent movie review essay.

Unlike journalistic movie reviews, an academic film criticism must show how the movie relates with your course. Perhaps you are reviewing a history documentary movie in your history class.

What parts of the movie do you feel relate to what you are learning?

Conclusion and overall thoughts

A good film review must have a conclusion. This is the only place you get to give your closing remarks.

After analyzing the film, what do you think? Convince the reader to view the film. You might also throw in a few points on how it compares with different film genres

Think deeply about your audience and your style

Film review essay FAQ

Is film reviewing the same as movie critiquing?

Yes. In short, these two terms are synonyms and they mean one but the same thing.

Where do I research to write my film review paper?

Although you should mainly depend on what you have seen, you are not limited to finding other sources.

One of the best places to get honest and unbiased reviews is online through comments especially in movie publishing sites such as IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.

You may also consider using peer reviewed journals if the movie review is already published.

Where can I get help with my movie review essay?

The answer is simple. movie reviewers. With a tone of experience, our writers will give you a custom movie review that is original and perfect.

Can you do my film critic paper?

Yes we can write your movie review at an affordable price. Movie review papers require excellent listening and critical thinking skills.

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