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Movie review writing is usually exciting but it takes more than just fun to write a great film review. Film evaluation is one of the common essays for college students. But what happens when you do not understand the elements or format of the best movie review. What’s more, writing about movies requires the writer to watch the film and make an expert evaluation. As Doing a perfect review takes time and practice. But it’s not impossible.

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How Do I Write the Best Movie Review for College Step by Step?

Film review essay for college

Step 1# Watch the Film

Wait; did we define what a movie is?

Movie definition:

A movie can also be referred to as a film. According to Wikipedia, “a movie or film is a form of visual communication which uses motion pictures to tell a story”

Now to write a perfect film review you have to watch the motion picture first. It is not rocket science that you cannot write a film analysis for a movie you have not watched. If the video is done in a language you do not understand, try to use English subtitles. Some of students come with this question, “I was asked to write a Chinese movie review but I do not understand the Chinese Language what do I do.?” If you find yourself in this situation, do not worry. Calm down and watch the entire movie to understand its context. If you still cannot understand the movie, talk to one of our Chinese movie reviewers and they will do the film review for you.

Step 2# Write the Outline for Your Film Review

To create a great film essay, you have to organize your thoughts either on a piece of paper, notepad or using MS word. Start by writing down the name of the film, the length of the movie and its theme. It is also good to note the movie genre. Film genres include action, comedy, thriller, action, Tv shows, drama, horror, musical etc. Then note down the points you are going to include in your movie review outline.

When you are told to do a movie analysis, you are simply being asked to give your thoughts about the movie. In your outline make sure to divide the movie essay into three parts (introduction, body and conclusion). By organizing your paper into three sections, you are able to put each idea in its right place. The introduction of your paper should have a thesis statement. The introduction should hook the attention of the reader besides making them want to view the movie. Ever heard, first impression matters? An introduction to movie review is your only chance to convince the reader to continue reading. Knowledge in writing a catchy hook for essay will come in handy when writing your film review.

Sample Movie Review Outline & Structure :


i). Start with an attention grabber. Do not go direct to writing the review. Give an interesting part of the film or a specific scene in the movie.

ii). Indentify the director, main actor or even the title of the movie.

iii.)Write your thesis statement


i).Give a short plot summary or synopsis of the movie.

ii).Write the literary analysis (Breakdown the movie by analyzing its technical and structural formats. It may include the cinematography, the music tracks, style of acting, costumes and color).

iii). Film Evaluation (Give your opinion of the movie. Was the movie good, what was wrong? What was done right?)

Conclusion (10%)

i). Restate the thesis

ii). Summarize the main points from your film review

Step 3# Understand the Purpose of your Film Review

Believe it or not if you do not know the purpose of writing a movie review, you will not write a perfect review.

Movie reviews are written for the following reasons:

i). Marketing: (Written to by a movie company like IMDB to convince the readers to view the film)

ii). Student : (Written as student’ coursework or assignment to assess their critical thinking skills )

iii). Journalism: (Used to inform tha public about an interesting aspect of a movie.)

However, do not take our word for it. It takes a professional film reviewer to understand the purpose of a movie review. But do not worry; you can also learn the ropes. It’s easy. The first thing you need to do is layout the facts about the movie. This can be done in one or two simple sentences. Such facts include the title of the movie, when it was released, the director and perhaps its duration.

A good review puts together the opinions of the writer as well as facts related to the movie. The idea of reviewing movies began in the early 1900s. Yet, although movies are meant for entertainment purpose, they are reviewed to assess their value to the viewer.

A movie review is an honest opinion about a movie which when read should sound objective and reasonable. While some movie reviews are shallow, a good film review is detailed and specific. This means that unlike other assignment, a movie review assignment does not involve general or basic research. Use your critical thinking skills are used more than research skills when writing a film analysis.

What Elements do I Include in my Movie Review Essay?

Like many others, you asked a good question.

1. Introduction

The introduction of a movie review although it's ‘not easy to write’ is simply the easiest part because you are giving the title, name of the director among other facts.

Example movie review introduction:

In his many years of directing movies, Richard Donner rarely disappoints as seen in his 1978 superhero movie; Superman.

In this example, we have given the facts and grabbed the attentions of the reader. Many readers will want to watch the movie to confirm your views, but a good film review will urge them to reader more.

2. Summary of the film

Immediately after writing the introduction, tell the reader more about what the movie entails. This is your chance to list down what you saw. Give facts about the movie but in a brief 5 sentence paragraph. When writing the summary part, your assumption is that the reader has not seen the movie. BBC recommends naming some of the cast such as the main character in the second paragraph.

3. Evaluate the strengths of the movie

Now that you have informed the reader about the facts of the movie, this is your chance to give an opinion. Begin by evaluating the different parts of the movie. Whether or not a movie scored a rating of 9/10 on IMDB or Rotten tomatoes, it cannot be 100% perfect. Yet there are those aspects you might have noted when watching the film.

Questions to ask when writing a movie review

How was the camera or cinematography?

How do actors react to certain situations?

How and what type of music is used by the movie director?

How was the script? Did you like it or not?

What is the main message in the movie?

What types of costumes are used in the video?

How is color used?

What was interesting about the movie? Give specific scenes

How the movie is related to real life events?

When you ask yourself these questions and many others, you will get a point of focus for your essay. To make this part worthy of points, use specific examples from the movie such as the scenes or music tracks.

4. Critic the Film

As we said earlier, nothing is perfect and so are movies. A movie review essay is never complete without a good critic. Like a professional movie reviewers, you should not only focus on what made the movie successful. Rather, you should also ask yourself, what could have the movie or the director done to make the movie better? Was there too much lighting? Was the movie biased? Is the movie too much traditional? Develop a habit of asking yourself questions through your head and answering them in your review paper. However, this part should be done in a natural way without over-critiquing or under-critiquing.

5. Academic connection with the film

While this part it not mandatory, it should be included to make an excellent film essay. Unlike journalistic movie reviews, an academic film criticism must show how the movie relates with your course. Perhaps you are reviewing a history documentary movie in your history class. What parts of the movie do you feel relate to what you are learning?

6. Conclusion

A good film review must have a conclusion. This is the only place you get to give your closing remarks. After analyzing the film, what do you think? Convince the reader to view the film. You might also throw in a few points on how it compares with different film genres. Think deeply about your audience and your style

Movie Review Example

A Review of the Movie-Linsanity


The principle of the right to liberty and entitlement to happiness is the foundation of the American nation. The American Dream and Creed are both products of these ideals, and they have been the source of inspiration to the American population into its pursuance of individual dreams through hard work, with the belief that there is a chance to make life better. The American Dream, which dates back to the 18th century, emphasizes strongly on not only liberty but also equal opportunity and equality to the entire American population according to the American constitution and the proposal of the Independence Declaration (Wyman, 2015). According to this dream, all men and women, notwithstanding their race should be given a chance to maximally exploit their potential. Every individual should be treated and perceived equally and be accorded the recognition they deserve according to what they have achieved (Wyman, 2015). This dream could be achieved if all Americans work with unity and as a single unit, without bringing in the differences that lie in the different social groups from which they come from. However, it is unfortunate that this dream has only existed on paper and in saying but it is far from accomplishment in reality. This will be demonstrated using the experience of Jeremy Lin, an American of Asian accent, in the development of his basketball career in America.


Could it be true that Jeremy Lin just suddenly appeared into the NBA and performed remarkable well out of nowhere? His success at the New York’s Knicks was out of a basketball talent that he had nurtured and skills he had acquired over a long time. His past cannot be hidden. Being an Asian-American born of immigrants from Taiwan, he grew and got education in American schools. Unlike the common American stereotype on Asians, he did not only excel in academic but also in basketball. As much as this could not be hidden by any means, all the people around him tried to diminish his prowess in basketball but they could not quench his spirit to succeed in the sport, and so he thrived all the way. The film “Linsanity” shows how Lin showed remarkable skills in the courts of Palo Alto High School and was ranked best player in California by several publications (Leong, 2014). Due to inequality in the American schools and the stereotype that exists about the Asians, being a great player did not save Lin from ridicule. He was an Asian and basketball is not a game for Asians. By the time he was leaving high school as a senior he had earned the respect of this very people after he led the school basketball team to the state championship (Leong, 2014). He believed in hard work as a component of the American dream, as much as the equality advocated for in the dream had been clearly replaced by outright inequality. He ended up not getting any Division 1 scholarship nor did he get an offer of playing basketball in college (Chito, 2012), not because of anything else but because of his race.

Having passed impressively, Lin joined the Harvard University for an economics degree, a college that did not offer any athletics scholarships. Being a college that had no history in basketball prowess, he was guaranteed of a chance to join their basketball team, which he gladly took. “At Harvard, he demonstrated his basketball skills and set Ivy League records in points scored and other areas, yet he went undrafted” (Chito, 2012). His excellence in Harvard pushed their basketball team to new heights but he was not recognized by any of the NBA team, bearing in mind that Harvard never produces players who can match the NBA standards. Does this mean that with all the skill and the revolution he had brought to his college team no one could see that, not even the coaches? His star is challenged by a number of stereotypes at this point. Other than being an Asian-American, “he is an Ivy League graduate” (Carson, 2012). The common saying goes that, “balling and book worming are not supposed to exist within the same person” (Carson, 2012), just as it is the case with Lin. Is this not a continuation of the medieval stereotype on Asian men by the Whites that they were physically weak, and all they could do were mental and not physical job (Chito, 2012)? He had been subjected to racism continually and outrightly denied an equal chance like his black and white counterparts to exploit his talent in basketball in the NBA, contrary to the American dream of equality.

Back at his hometown he was offered a chance in 2010 by one of the basketball teams, Golden State Warriors. However, he did not last long in the team and only managed to do an average of 2.6 points per game. This was a midst wild cheers for him by members of the Asian community whenever he was in the court playing (Leong, 2014). Minor league referrals for him to better his game did not work and the team had to let him go at the end of his first season. He accepted the 2012 preseason contract offered to him by the Houston Rockets and he was out again even before the season kicked off (Leong, 2014). It was apparent that he had turned into a wanderer NBA player, having been in two teams before the end of two seasons. Of course there was a reason for this. His desire was to be a team that he could be given a chance to actively take part in activities and not to be condemned to the bench. He well knew his abilities and he needed a team that could recognize them and give him a chance to prove them. He confesses, “I’ve always wanted to be a starting point guard, I’ve always wanted to win championships, I’ve always wanted to be an All-Star, I’ve always wanted to be great” (Torre, 2015). He could clearly see that both teams had treated him in a biased manner by not giving him a chance like the rest to prove his ability, just because he was of an Asian descent.

The desperation for a win by the Knicks coach pushed him to consider Lin, because he had no other choice. Grappling with injuries and missing his two superstars, the coach was desperate for a point guard (Leong, 2014). Having been signed on the 27th of December, he was given a chance to play shortly in few games and was then pushed to play in minor leagues just like in the previous occasions. He was only allowed a full serious game on the 4th of February when the coach had no otherwise (Leong, 2014). This was a real chance for him to show the world what he was able to do and he surely did. His 25 point score lead to a victory for the Knicks to the surprise of everybody. This made the coach to give him the chance to start in the next two games and he delivered well, securing wins in both games with 28 points and 8 assists in the first games, and 23 points and 23 points and 10 assists in the next (Leong, 2014). All this happened in the absence of the coach’s top players. Despite this display of his prowess in these games there were people who wanted to use the common stereotypes against Lin to water his efforts and his excellent performance down. An ESPN commentary posted on 17th of February after Knicks had lost a game had the headline “Chink in the Armor” (Chito, 2012). On another instance, Floyd Mayweather, the boxing champion wrote a tweet in response to Lin where he acknowledged that he was good bur he was received undeserved attention due to his Asian descent, because what he had done is normal and is always done by the black players but they don’t receive that level of praise (Chito, 2012). This clearly shows that even with a chance to show how talented he was, Lin was still haunted by racism and a level of inferiority directed to him and his kind. This was a clear indicator that the equality stated in the American Dream of equality is yet to be achieved.


In conclusion, it is clear that the American Dream of equality is yet to be realized, several decades after it was initiated. The many societies living in America still don’t consider each other as equals. Our consideration of the Asian-American community a nd specifically using the example of Jeremy Lin, a basketball superstar, has clearly show the loopholes that exist as far as the accomplishment of the dream is concerned. Lin has always been viewed as incapable of being an NBA star just because the community that he comes from is considered as too weak to shine in the realm of sports. The American dream is yet to be realized in America.


References Carson, C. (2012, February 22). Jeremy Lin: What Linsanity Teaches About American Media. Chito, E. (2012, 2). Flowjournal. Retrieved from Examining the Jeremy Lin Phenomenon Through a Critical Lens: Leong, E. (Director). (2014). Linsanity [Motion Picture]. Torre, P. (2015, March 27). Isolation Play. Retrieved from ESPN: Wyman, B. (2015). The American Dream, Equal Opportunity, and Obtaining the Vote. The Cohen Journal.

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