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Whenever you want to get your paper without worrying about your money, seek help from Viselance.com.Our promise is to give you an assignment or essay that is well worth your hard earned money. The 100% money back guarantee is subject to various rules. However, you have the right to ask for your money back if you paid but did not receive the paper.Good news: from experience, we understand the essential needs of delivering a top essay within the set time. Disclaimer: remember to use the model papers well in order to avoid plagiarism. If you intend to use the paper in your classes, make sure to references everything well and also paraphrase the paper. Got it?

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You've probably heard this a million times.Quality, quality quality..yada yada yada...Familiar? Honestly, we believe in quality over quantity.

We pride our self with delivering everything according to the given details. How do we do that? We have a team of quality control officers. As a culture, we have created a step by step process to ensure quality control and we are going to outline it here for you:

Step 1

Listen:Better call a spade a spade. We don't cut corner or twist the facts when it comes to your instructions. Yes, its true!Instructions must be followed and that is our promise to you. No yet convinced? If they are not followed ask for your money back. Here is the catch though...Always give the correct instructions and to try to be more specific with the details to avoid confusing the writer

Step 2

Is the paper formatted correctly? You bet it is..A poorly formatted paper will not give you what you want. Good news: this is part of our quality check process.In fact, if a paper is not formatted properly, you are also liable to ask for unlimited revisions.

Step 3

Has the paper reached the word count? We try to make this step plain and simple.Since papers differ in size, the industry average 1 page double spaced page to be 275 words only.In some cases however, the customer may want the one page to be single spaced. In that case, 1 page single spaced essay is equal to two double spaced pages. As part of our quality check, we will make sure that your word count is reached.

 On Time Delivery

Time waits for no King. You read that right.Viselance.com understands that too well and we are dedicated to delivering top quality papers before time. The key word- ‘before time.’ As a way of maintaining top quality, we always deliver projects ahead of time to give you enough time to review. As if that is not enough. We work within any deadline as long as it is agreed before the paper starts.The best part?

We give a free progressive delivery report.

 Plagiarism Free Paper

Are you sick and tired of getting plagiarized essays all the time? We have a solution-Viselance.com. We mainly depend on Turnitin to check for plagiarism but there many other plagiarisms checking software such as writercheck or plagiarisma. Fact: before delivering the final essay, we ensure that the work is original and we also attach the free plagiarism report. The model essays are not shared with anyone so do not be worried about finding your submitted assignment on turnitin. Best part? Whenever you want to know the specific details of your report, make sure to scroll down the pdf file

 Unlimited Revision

Unlike others in the industry, Viselance.com is the only place you will get free unlimited revision hassle free. Yes. it's true. Believe it or not, asking for revisions from other established and some mediocre essay writing companies has become a nightmare for many customers. Viselance.com gives you what you cannot get anywhere else. It gets better. Even with many other guarantees, we assure a free revision promise. Still confused? Contact us today for free a inquiry Or better yet, go on and click the order now button below, fill in your details and submit your model essay for completion.

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