Fair usepolicy

For more than five years we have been helping students from different parts of the world improve their academic studies.

This means that when used properly, our model essays have the power to boost your grades as well as coursework and discussions results.

For this reason, we believe that the work should be used according to the fair use policy.

By following this policy, you will avoid plagiarism or academic discontinuation.

How to use the model essay

Our role at Viselance.com is to guide students on how they should do their writing assignments or papers.

This means that the model answers you get from Viselance.com are not the only ways to deal with each specific question or assignment.

In fact, you may form a different opinion from that of our researchers. Nonetheless, the model essay will give you a strong background and basis for where you should start your essay/ term paper/dissertation.

In light of this, the model essay should be used in the following ways:

  • Before using the essay, please read through and make sure that it’s clear.
  • While reading the model answers, make sure to note down the key points on your pc or on paper.
  • Use the model essay to develop new ideas and arguments
  • Use the model essay to develop new ideas and arguments
  • Only use the essay as a guide to writing your own paper. For example, you can take notes on the format, structure, sources and even ideas.
  • Make sure that the final essay you submit is original and well referenced
  • Do not submit the model essay as your own work without giving credit to the author

Can I submit the work for marking to my instructor?

As stated earlier, no you cannot hand in the essay as your own work.

Submitting the work to your university is plagiarism even if you made minor changes to the paper

In fact, reading and using the essay to write your own paper will be far better since you will learn and improve your overall grade.

How do I avoid plagiarism?

In order to avoid plagiarism, start by reading through the essay and understanding it word by word.

Then make sure to write down the points and cite each idea accordingly.

As much as you may be feeling the need to submit the essay as your, this is not how Viselance.com is meant to be used.

In fact, allowing this type of behavior would have negative effects on you in the future as you will not be able to perform well in your sit in examinations.

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