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Note: 1 double spaced page is equal to 275 words.

2 Powerpoint slides are equal to 1 double spaced page. So if you need 4 power point slides, you will order 1 page an equivalent of two double spaced pages.

1 single spaced page is equal to 2 double spaced pages so the price is double.

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  • Fill in all your details in an online order form which is provided as shown in how it works.
  • Proceed with payments online. We can assure you your payment is secured.
  • You will be emailed notification about your paper delivery.
  • Go to the website , check your paper, approve and finally download.

All processes are conducted online via This saves time and it is the best way to receive all details for assignments completion.

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275 words per page (double spaced)

550 words per page (single spaced)

Any style of formating(APA, MLA, Chicago, ASA, Havard etc.)

12 point font Arial or Times New Roman.

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Prices start as low as $12 per page

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