Essay from scratch

How to write essay from scratch

Whether you are in college or high school, writing essay from scratch is a must have skill.

Many students like you have trouble put together original ideas in well structured paper.

While it may time some time to learn how to write essay from scratch, it is one of the best skills you can have.

The benefit of learning these vital skills goes far beyond college than you might even know.

Now that you know how important writing essay from scratch is, how do you do it?

Stage 1: Prepare to write your essay

This is one of the most forgotten steps in college writing.

It is a mistake that is repeated far too often that it has become a norm in the writing industry.

But how can you lie in a bed that is not made? Well consider the preparation stage the most important.

There are various things to do at this stage. Ideally, this can be done in any order but recommends that you follow the approved method as you shall see below.

Brainstorm your topic

Sometimes you will be given a topic but many are the time when you are left to decide the topic by yourself. A good topic should be short and easy to understand. Avoid using too much jargon. Well, although jargon makes you feel like superman, it is not recommended.

Unlike regular writing, academic writing must follow a strict guidelines and format.

It is also wise for you to avoid topics that are too general.

For example, let us consider a topic like: ‘Aboriginals’. This topic is too broad since you can generate numerous subtopics such as : ‘the role of aboriginals in civilization.’ Now look at the second example and note how easy it gets when writing its essay from scratch.


Like other sub stages of the preparation process, research is the key to writing essays from scratch.

When you take time to research your essay, you will not be out of ideas. Besides, it will help you to get insight on the different perspectives of the topic from other sources.

As a rule of thumb, make sure that all your sources are scholarly such as academic journals, peer reviewed articles or books. Using scholarly sources will give your essay credibility and result to a higher marker.

However, remember to be objective by sticking to your topic.

Read through the sources one by one noting down important points; this will come in handy later.

Do not be biased by using 1 or 2 sources. Expert essay writers recommend that you use 5 sources or more.

Stage 2: outline your essay

To write a perfect paper from scratch you have to make an outline. A good outline must three sections: Introduction, body and conclusion.

Here is the basic template of an essay outline:


  • Thesis statement


Paragraph 1:

  • Topic sentence (summary of the paragraph)
  • Claim 1:
  • Evidence: (use your sources to proof your claim)
  • Example:

Paragraph 2:

  • Topic sentence (summary of the paragraph)
  • Claim 2:
  • Evidence: (use your sources to proof your claim)
  • Example:


  • Restate your thesis
  • Give final thoughts

Stage 3: write the draft

At this stage you should already know which points to put in each section.

Start with an attention grabber as this will determine whether the reader will continue reading or not.

Integrate the thesis statement. Then transition to the first paragraph.

Rule of thumb: always use transition words to connect paragraphs.

According to the University of Wisconsin writing center transition words such as however, moreover help the reader to understand the logical flow of your essay.

Stage 4: proofread your essay and write final paper

This is the last step but very important to writing an essay from scratch. Check for grammar mistakes and formatting issues.

Ask yourself the following questions: Has my essay followed the outline? Did I miss anything? Have I formatted the paper well? Have I reached the word count? Have I used sources properly? Are they cited well in the paper?

Consider other questions that are relevant to your rubric.

Hurrah! Take a deep breath buddy! You have finished your first essay from scratch.

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