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How to write a great research paper

As usual, expect many research paper assignments in your college and university life.

Since this is a fact, you do not want to spend your college life paying for custom research papers or trying to figure out where to start your essay. We truly understand that you do not have much money to spend on custom essays.

For this reason, we hope that you will follow the details given below to derive a good research paper.

But let’s talk about a research paper ; what is it? In short, a research paper is an academically written piece of content using external research and based on the writer’s findings and perceptions.

When writing a research paper, aim at giving it the best efforts and using enough sources.

So where do I start?

Choose the topic of your research paper

Please understand that choosing the topic for your research paper is not easy.

Although sometimes the topic is usually provided, you should think carefully about your purpose and the audience to whom you are writing before choosing the topic.

However, the key thing is to make sure that you have a narrow and specific topic. For example the topic;” Religion in the middle east” is much better since it is specific that a topic like; “Religion.”

The choice you make for your topic determines how well your research essay will turn out. So pay close attention to the subject matter.

You might consider a topic that is easier to manage and understand both for you and your readers. Do not try to proof yourself with a technical topic.

Research the topic

This is arguably one of the most important parts.

You may consider using approved research tools such as Google Schoolar, Google Books or Ebscohost.

Nonetheless, you are not limited to secondary sources and you can use popular encyclopedia such as wiktionary

Vary your search query so that it is easier to get enough information that will be enough to write an objective research paper.

For example, going back to our topic; ‘Religion in the middle east’, you might consider searching for ‘Religion in Asia’, or ‘Religion in Muslim countries.’

When you use Google or other popular search engines, various search queries will come up.

Right click on the different links in the first page of Google and open them in a new window. Prior to opening the links, look carefully at the site.

According to the University of Georgia, websites that end with .com are more commercial than .edu and .gov websites.

Also, you should check closely whether the site you are reading has referenced their sources.

Just like a good research paper, websites that give credit to their sources tend to have more authority over a subject that those who do not.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore information on .com websites.

Rather, you should do your due diligence before including its content in your research paper. Besides, since there is no way to evaluate the weight of published content in the internet, that’s even more reason for you to think before using any source.

You may also consider approved academic databases such as Jstor

Write your thesis statement

A thesis statement is what gives life to a research paper. You thesis statement should be able to convince the reader to continue reading and at the same time, inform them on what you are writing about.

Without going in to too much detail about a thesis statement as we had written this in our earlier post, let’s get down to writing.

Write the outline

Well, the process of writing the paper has not yet begun but this are important steps toward getting a top grade research paper.

A good outline is similar to a roadmap. It should show you where you need to go.

Considering that the normal format of any essay is based on three sections: introduction, body and conclusion.

This means that the outline of your paper should make clear the points that should go into each section.

When writing the outline consider how many paragraphs will go to each section.

Usually, the introduction is the smallest with a maximum word count of 200 words. The body of the research paper is the longest and this is where you will give your findings in relation to the topic.

It can be as long as you wish depending on the limit of your research paper. The conclusion however can be longer than the introduction.

In the outline phase of your research essay, you have to transfer your thoughts, ideas and research into written content.

Please note that the content you write down should not be copied from any of your sources as that will result in plagiarism.

After all, what you want is a plagiarism free research paper to earn top grades.

While this section may take much of your time, it helps to reduce the time you spend writing the other parts of the essay.

Basically, without a plan, you run the risk of getting stranded in the middle or even losing focus.

Use different sources to generate original ideas.

If you feel certain information from a source is vital for the research paper, cite that source accordingly and transfer the source in the bibliography section.

Start writing the research paper

This is the easiest part especially if you have organized your thoughts well in the outline section.

Through experience, it is best to paraphrase content more than you quote. You may also consider giving summaries depending on the different points of your research outline.

Do not pay much attention to grammar and punctuation errors. Consider this as a rough draft of what the final research paper should look like.

Use transition words such as however, nonetheless, moreover to create a good flow in your research paper.

Revise, revise and revise

This is the last part and one that may take much of your time as well.

In this phase, you want to ask yourself different questions such as; has the paper followed the instructions and the topic? If not, why? Where did you mistake? Have you used resources objectively? Are the sources distributed fairly?

You should have a research paper that uses different sources such as WebPages, books, periodicals, videos or journals.

The use of different sources helps to not only give your research paper credibility, but it is also a guarantee high marks from your instructor.

Also in this section, you have the chance to make sure that grammar is perfect or near perfect.

Reread the essay to make sure that it makes sense. You might also consider giving it to you college buddy for review and criticism.

At the same time, you may consider using grammar checking tools such as grammarly and plagiarism checking software.

Once you have double checked your essay, you are free to declare the final paper.

Final Research paper

The final research paper should have impeccable structure, grammar and ideas.

It should have all the elements of a complete academic paper such as the work cited, title and title page, page number, in-text citation and most of all, the outline.

Be sure that you have followed the right formatting style depending on your original instructions. If you have no clue about the different methods of formatting an academic paper, consider checking your local library or asking a friend for help.

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