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The Viselance team believes that having other experts contribute to the blog adds more value about relevant topics.  Your writing will impact a range of a range of issues facing college students in writing and business writing.

The content we share on Viselance blog is focused on content marketing, content writing or anything else related to content.  The content you write should relate to different types of business content, content marketing, content marketing

We currently growing at a rapid rate month over month and people are coming to us because they seeking to learn more about popular topics.

Planning: How to plan effective writing books or even business documents.

Workflow: Tips and tricks that involve individual or business writing

How to guides: Any guide that provides a step by step instruction for writing content or business work.

Business writing advice: Anything to help businesses or individuals become better at writing

Post Guidelines

When submitting your post, please include the following in your bio:

  • A description of who you are and what you do.
  • Add  your twitter profile so that we can mention you and then you can share your post
  • Add your LinkedIn profile so that the audience can connect with you
  • Add other social media accounts you may have
  • Provide a url of your blog or website
  • A 200 by 200 photo
  • You content must be original and unavailable anywhere else
  • Do not republish the content you submit to us anywhere, after submitting the content , we are the sole owners and we have the right to remove it

Blog Post Lengths

Here are some rules about the length of your posts:

  • Blog posts should be 1200 to 4,000 words
  • Include images in your submission
  • Longer blog posts provide more value to the readers which will improves their skills and life.

Linking, Citation Rules

  • The first link in every post should go to a relevant post from our blog that relates to your content
  • If you mention any person or company that you have a personal or professional relationship you must disclose it. For example, say” A friend of mine….” “Company C, a client of mine does ….”
  • Include information at the bottom of a post if its focus on product reviews and other non-sponsored
  • If you use a quote only link out to the author’s twitter handle
  • Do not self-promote yourself
  • We  reserve the right to remove a link that is attach to your words of images before publication
  • Do not send content from any other industry


  • Use short headlines less than 9 words
  • Include alt tags for images
  • Include the Meta description. Less than  3 sentences
  • Proof read your content and make sure that its direct and to the point


  • Write percentage as digits. For example, write 10% instead of ten percent
  • Use the Oxford comma style
  • Use one font style throughout the essay

Send your request at Support [at]viselance.com