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What Should Diversity on Campus Mean and Why Rhetorical Analysis (Ethos, Pathos and Logos)

Have you ever been asked to write a persuasive essay or rhetorical analysis identifying ethos, pathos, logos or other rhetorical devices? I bet you have. For many students, this is like a vicious cycle from your last assignment.

But, do not worry,we’ve all been there. Except for those who dropped out of college. That being said..let’s jump right in

What is Rhetorical Analysis?

According to Wikipedia,rhetorical analysis is the systematic dissection of symbolic elements in apiece of literature. These elements include words, texts, voice, and imagery among others.

But what is Ethos, Logos and Pathos?

When writing a persuasive essay, you might have encountered words like ethos, pathos or logos.


First ethos means ethical appeal. When writing your persuasive essay, you should try to convince the reader that you can be trusted. However, you cannot just simple say “Read this article to trust me.”  You have to use elements that will prove that you understand what you are actually saying.

How can you achieve ethos? Ethos can be achieved by choosing a tone or language that is appropriate for your readers.  In this scenario, you might also consider using personal experience, expert support or establishing a common ground with different arguments.


Logos is the use of logical appeal through the use of evidence. Evidence may include examples,facts or precedents.  The evidence should be used to construct logical arguments in a persuasive manner.


Lastly, pathos is emotional appeal or persuading the audience through emotions.

Most authors use emotions to evoke sympathy from their readers. Imagine inviting the audience into your small world as the author. You want them to feel something so that they can get persuaded. Some of the emotion you might want to evoke include anger, happiness or pleasure.

How can you achieve pathos? You choice of words and language should have an emotional tone.You might also use stories to narrate emotional events.

Where can I get a persuasive or rhetorical analysis essay with ethos, pathos or logos?

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