The Ultimate Guide to Create Content That Attracts High Quality Links [Infographic]

Want to create content that attracts high quality links from authority sites?  Here is a little secret. Before writing, have a clear goal on what you want your brand to achieve.

  Content without purpose isn’t right. In fact, if you do not have a specific goal in mind as to why you are writing to your audience, stop it.

Link worthy articles begins with a goal. Is it conversion? Readership? Lead generation or link building? In our case, the goal is to attract top tier links with content.

Quality content is still important for ranking come 2019. However, whether you write a good copy or not, if it’s not linkable, it’s not worthy.

In 2013, Google launched the Hummingbird. The launch meant that in the future, Google will be delivering search result beyond individual keywords. Instead of offering information based on the searcher’s language, Google is now able to deliver result based on the searcher’s intent. This means that cookie cutter content that was initially attracting high quality links, may be out of the window. Besides, without enough high quality links, it may be hard to rank in Google’s # 1

If you are consistently creating good blog posts but it’s not attracting enough links,you are doing it wrong.

Some of the most popular brands do not have to work as much as you do.  In fact, others write few articles and get thousands of links but you don’t.  What are you doing wrong?

You are writing your copy the wrong way. Link worthy content is valuable. What do I mean by valuable? It uses data, is well researched, is update, has excellent format and design, and it is addressed to the right audience.

How can you improve your copy to attract high quality link that? This infographic shows you how you can create a link-worthy copy.

The Ultimate Guide to Create Content That Attract High Quality Links [Infographic]

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