Why is research important to policy making?

Jeremy pardi asked 7 months ago
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Expert Staff answered 7 months ago

Research is a critical component in policy making and development. In definition, research is the systematic collection of knowledge and study of different sources in order to collect facts that will lead to conclusions.

As a result, research acts a data collection point for policy formulation and development.  However, research is not just about collecting data but determining which data to collect and assess. In an ideal environment, policies must be made on time and decisions must be made through accurate information.

Consequently, research acts as an incremental source of information for the policy from the start to the end. Policies assess and create new programs that are used in courts, law enforcement, and the criminal justice field. Therefore, without research policies lack evidence needed to prove that they are correct.

Moreover, research plays a great role in challenging the best practices to allow diversity and growth in the criminal justice field. Every policy should be based on evidence because it related to law, families and criminal justice.  More importantly, research gives policymakers an opportunity to view different policy issues and from diverse perspectives. The process of making policies involves the consideration of different independent elements   Issues in the criminal justice field keep changing by the day.

For this reason, policymakers use the collected information to create long-lasting and sustainable policies that will deal with the present and future problems. Additionally, it helps to identify future challenges that may come up during the policy development stage. In short, research is the basic foundation on which policy ideas and challenges are generated.

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