What are the best college essay opening lines you have ever heard of?

Brington Wright asked 11 months ago

Give me the best opening sentences that I can use in my college essay

1 Answers
Expert Staff answered 10 months ago
    1. “PTSD tried to kill me, but I couldn’t die”
    2. “Unlike many philosophers, I live in my own world. I know that my life is ruled by a lot of uncertainty that shine too frequently”
    3. “If my life was a movie, there would be two scenes, two characters, and two episodes.
    4. Like many people, I have always strived to achieve the American dream. I was born by immigrant parents who struggled through sweat and blood to see me and my siblings through.”
    5. There is this amazing bluebook on my bookshelf and it is older than all the other books in my house. The author looks a little bit tired but the title is still alive and inviting.  For some, this was a references book but the book is my world.”


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