What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation?

Avieon Barysevic asked 11 months ago

Thesis and dissertation are confusing words.

Every time you hear people talking about the final thesis and other talk of the dissertation, what is the difference between these two terms?

I want to know just a basic difference between a thesis vs a dissertation.

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Expert Staff answered 11 months ago


Thesis and dissertation are two different but similar words. What does this mean?  It means that the two words are used in the same context but have slightly different meanings.  Whether you are pursuing your undergraduate degree, masters or Ph.D., you are familiar with these names.

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The difference between these two terms is set on clear parameters such as:

  1. Geographic Region

  2. Technical Difference between dissertations and thesis

  3. Format

  4. Application/ Use of thesis and dissertations.

  5. Scope

Before explaining this points in detail, let me make it clear that both the thesis and dissertation follow the same structure for research.

Difference between thesis and dissertation
Geographic difference between thesis and dissertation

Sometimes, the two terms are made confusing by different universities depending on where they are located.

Thesis vs. Dissertation in the USA

Over the years, different regions have changed the meaning of what a thesis or dissertation means. Take the USA for instance, a thesis is normally short compared to the dissertation.  The thesis is done as part of earning a master’s degree.  Moreover, the master’s student is expected to give their ideas but it is more focused on how the student portrays technical experience in the subject matter without original research. On the other hand, the dissertation involves undertaking original research to earn a doctorate degree (more…)

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