The fourteenth century was a time of crisis and transition in Western Europe. examine the important crises that occur in this period?

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The 14th century was a moment of crises for Europe whose impact was far and reaching.  Some of the major crises during this era included religious turmoil, population issues, and political instabilities.  The first crisis of that time is the Black Death. The Black Death was also known as the bubonic plague. Ideally, the plague got the name ‘Black Death’ after 12 ships arrived at the port of Sicilian from the black sea where all the sailors were dead.  However, the few remaining members of the crew were critically ill and covered in black boils. Even though the ships were quickly removed from the harbor, it was too late. Surprisingly, even before the bubonic plague had begun in Europe, there were rumors of the disease affecting the trade routes of the east and west.  In the midst of the Black Death was the crisis of the Great Schism. In the Great Schism, the church was weakened by the election of the French pope, which was then followed by a shift of the capital from Italy to France.  When the French pope died, people were already angry and they demanded an Italian pope.  When they selected an Italian pope, they started to regret the decision and thus they choose a second French pope leading to the presence of two popes or the great schism.  Part of these crises was the great famine from 1315 to 1317.  Prior to the Great Famine, Europe was struggling with population increase. Worse still, the temperature was decreasing as the floods continued to disrupt harvests.  The last crisis to hit Europe was the English Peasant’s Revolt.  The English Peasant’s Revolt was a widespread dissatisfaction of the peasant on priest abuse of money.  Christianity decreased as people sought to join or create their own churches.  More importantly, the church influence significantly decreased.

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