How Often Should I Practice my English to Become Fluent?

Kate Guyen asked 12 months ago

“Practice English to Become Fluent”. As a second language speaker, I hear this a lot. English is one of the most spoken languages. But as an international student, English is not my first language. How often do I practice to speak fluently like a native English Speaker (ENL)

1 Answers
Expert Staff answered 12 months ago

This question is relative and it depends on your schedule. Many people are struggling to learn English some student’s and others are adults.  Yet, even if you were taking a class it may take longer than expected.  But

if you want to learn English faster, listen and converse with English speakers for at least 2 hours per day.  Overall, you need at least 1700 hours of learning and practice to become fluent in English.  However, this will also depend on your literacy level.  Have a Question? Ask an Expert

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