Terrie Hughes asked 12 months ago

How do I write a definition essay on a historical fiction movie? Do I write about fiction movie or historical fiction?

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Expert Staff answered 12 months ago

Definition essay requires the writer to use facts, an explanation and claims to give the meaning of a word.  Definition essay may be concrete like pencil and stone or abstract like love.

An effective definition essay must have the following elements:

  • Analysis of the word into different parts. For example, you can separate the word ‘friendship” into “friend” and “ship”. To be able to define these two parts you have to be creative.
  • Search definition and classify the term into different categories.
  • Compare unfamiliar words to familiar words.
  • Provide the traditional definition of the term
  • Use examples to define the term.
  • Employ negation to illustrate what the name does not mean


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