How Do I Format an Essay in MLA Format 8th Edition?

Dhamish asked 12 months ago

I have an essay but I do know how I can format it using the latest MLA 8th edition. What should I pay attention to? And how is it different from the former editions?

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Expert Staff answered 12 months ago

To format an essay in MLA style 8th edition is not that hard. The basics of each edition remain the same.  This means that the in-text citations, title page, and header remain the same.  However, many of the changes occur in the work cited list.

The basic elements of the MLA Format:

  • The Title page– the header of the title page includes the surname of the author and page number. Begin the essay with your course name, professor’s name, date, and title of the paper.
  • In-text Citations– MLA style guide uses (name of the author, pg. number) in the text like (Dan, 87)
  • Work Cited List– As the last page of the essay and it follows the following pattern:

Title of the source, Title of the container, Other contributors, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date, Location.”

Example: Sparks, Nicholas. Dear John. Grand Central, 2007, p. 82. (more…)

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