How do I create hanging indent in my essay work cited page using windows?

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Normally, work cited or references are hanging, but I do not know how to achieve that using windows.

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What is a hanging indent?

A hanging indent is when the second or following sentences in your sentence or paragraph are further from the margin than the first sentence.

 3 ways to Insert a hanging indent in an essay

If the answers here are too long for you to follow, below is a video on inserting an indent in APA. All other essays follow the same pattern.

Method A: Using the ruler (the Microsoft way)

  1. Step 1: The first thing you need to do is select your text or the paragraph you want to indent. If its in the reference page, select the source to highlight it.
  2. Step 2: Click on the view tab and check the ruler check box to see the to insert an indent using the ruler tool
  3. Drag the marker to the right as shown in the image below Creating a hanging indent in an essay step by step

Method B: Using indentation 

Step 1: Highlight the citation

way of creating a hanging indent

Step 2: Right click on your mouse and select the paragraph from the pop up

inserting a hanging indent in an essay the right way


Step 3: Another pop up will appear, click on indentation and select hanging from the drop down menu

how to create a hanging indent fast

Step 4: Choose the size of the indentation on the “By menu” as shown below and click enter.  Choose “0.5” as the size of the indentation because it is the standard allowed  indent in your essay

creating a hanging indent step by step

Method C: The Easy way ( Shortcut)

Step 1: Place the cursor on the second sentence of the citation

Step 2: Press CTRL + T on your keyboard

the shortcut for inserting a hanging indent

When writing your essay, the instructor expects you to use the hanging indent in the second sentence of the references or sources.

Example of hanging indent in work cited

example of a hanging indent

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