Where Does Cornel West Argue that Western Norms About beauty and Civility Come From?

Daniel Howrvitz asked 12 months ago

Cornel West the popular American Philosopher argues about western norms. Where does he say this beauty and civility come from? Please share his argument and views

1 Answers
Expert Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Daniel,
Cornel West, as you noted in your question, is by no doubt one of the most prolific scholars in American Literature.  In his opinion, western norms about beauty and civility come from American Jazz music along with American imperialism and economic capitalism. However, critics of West like James Conion in his article Cornel West’s Pragmatic Understanding of America argues that Cornel West’s intellectual performance does not fit neatly into the usual academic categories. More importantly, you need to understand that West’s work is geared towards understanding America. Yet his analysis of American Civilization is broad but well thought.


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