How to write an argumentative essay

How to write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step [infographic]

Writing an argumentative essay is not something you can avoid while in College.

Whether you are in college or high school as a student many of you spend a lot of time figuring how to start their argumentative essays or even what topics to choose.

You know that every semester, you have to write an argument paper. Sometimes, you have to choose the topic yourself. What if you could know how to write an argumentative essay in less than 3 minutes?

According to Purdue owl, an argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires the writer to research a topic, gather information, establish a position, support the position and persuade the audience in an organized process.

Many students confuse between an argumentative and persuasive essay. Although the two genres are similar, persuasive writing differs from argumentative writing in that you have to use more evidence in persuasive essays.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a detailed infographic containing the step by step guide on writing an argumentative essay fast. If you cannot view the image, click on it to see the full-sized graphic and share it with your friends on Twitter or Pinterest.


How to write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step infographic
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