Coursework writing the ultimate guide that you must follow

Coursework Writing: The Ultimate Guide That You Must Follow

Wouldn’t it be great if your teacher didn’t give you a takeaway coursework?

In definition, coursework is like an assignment or homework that is done as part of the educational course.

What does this mean?

means that the coursework plays a big role in the successful completion of your course.

Courseworks in A or GSCE level are often assessed by the course instructor or teacher.

I know many of you do not even know how to define a coursework. . But here are examples of coursework: case studies, extended essays, assessment tests or different types of projects.

Honestly, many students love the coursework because it helps them to showcase their abilities in a way they couldn’t in exams.  So, it is very important that you give it your best effort.

Just imagine what it would be like to get an A in your coursework; wouldn’t that be impressive for your final grade?

But, do not take this lightly. Just like the exam, coursework is equally challenging but in a different way. For this reason, it is important for you to plan and research well.

Here’s the deal…

If you are good at writing essays and gathering the information you have nothing to worry about. And for your information, coursework is different from one subject to another.

For example:

Business and management coursework- This usually takes the form of case studies or reports. They may involve the use of graphs, tables or calculations.

English and literature coursework are often in the form of essays. You could be told to choose the topic with a set of preset themes. For example, you could be told to analyze a novel in terms of themes, characters among others.

Science and Arts coursework- while science papers may be in the form of reports, art could be done as essay or report.

So what are the Rules of Coursework Writing?

Rules apply to any piece of academic writing.  Just like the dissertations, there are basic rules to coursework writing. Ignore them and you will have a tough time being successful

But, do not worry, let’s get started:

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is a no-no.

It’s not easy to write a paper from scratch. In fact, many students copy information from the internet in the hope of saving time. But, that will not help. In almost all universities and colleges, plagiarism is a serious offense that could lead you to academic discontinuation.

Bottom line: do not copy content from the internet and present it as your work without acknowledging the owner.

Here’s is the catch though:

You could be caught in plagiarism even if you did not copy information from the internet.

Have you ever wondered why some students pay to have their coursework done?

Well, here is a little secret:

Most of the companies offering coursework writing are professionals who can guarantee you not only a good grade but also an original model essay. Even so, you should never forget to cite your essay. If you cannot get help from professionals, you can call your friend for assistance.

Remember that every time when submitting your final coursework, you are signing an agreement that the work is yours.

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 Choose the topic

As stated in many of our posts, the topic is important not only for coursework writing but also in other forms of writing. Sometimes the teacher may choose the topic for you. Interestingly, most of the times, you are expected to select a topic.

My two senses?

Do not choose a topic that is too broad or complicated as it will affect your chance to write a good thesis statement and thereby impact your final paper or results.

Besides, this is not your final exam so you can also ask for help from other students or from your bigger brother. Choose a topic that you are particularly interested in.  This may be different from one subject to the other.


Have you ever wondered why coursework writing is boring?

One reason is that many students do not take the time to plan.

Sound’s annoying right? The secret is to always start your coursework early and avoid the last minute rush.

Picture this:

You are given some coursework essay to submit in two days from today. What would you do?


A professional paper writer would start the essay almost immediately.

Remember the saying:

Small things matter in writing coursework

Each activity takes its time and effort.  For an assignment that is to be submitted in two days, you can schedule each activity to take some hours. These activities may include researching, planning, collecting sources and information, writing, proofreading and final check before submission.

Writing is a process and a good student knows it. Basically, to plan well, you have to understand the deadlines, the scope, and limitation of the work.

Planning properly will save you time and allow you more time to edit the final piece.


Make sure your schedule is not the same as the actual schedule. For example, finish the coursework in one day than two days.

Sounds interesting? Read on


A good student knows that researching and gathering information is the single most important skills in writing. If you are a good researcher, I bet you are smiling to yourself right now, aren’t you?

Just sit tight and read on

Research and information gathering involves the use of both secondary and primary sources

Here is the definition:

Secondary sources are already published or printed such as online articles, books, reports etc.  On the other hand, primary sources are directly from the source and they include interviews or firsthand questionnaires.

Learn how to research and you will become unstoppable in writing your coursework.

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Here’s the real deal.

No matter how much research you have done, your coursework won’t write itself. You have to do it yourself.

Like other steps, writing is a sensitive part of the writing process.  You have to know the different elements of a standard essay such as grammar, punctuation, citation style and document length.

In short, never write your coursework at a noisy place. It will not only affect your concentration, but it will also affect the final paper you submit. You can switch off your TV or go to the library.  Just like an exam room, the environment you choose should boost your morale and keep you calm.

Supporting materials 

Some subjects require supporting materials and images. These subjects include geography, science, mathematics, chemistry among others.  When asked to provide supporting materials please put them after the references in the appendices page.

Footnotes & References

When writing the coursework, you will often use external sources to support your points.  If you do that, you must cite the author and list the external sources in the bibliography page.  However, this should be done in an alphabetical order.

For what it’s worth, do not submit an essay without the list of external sources on the last page. Different styles of formatting required for you to list the references differently.

For example, In Mla, you have to cite the author of the sources and the page number.On the other hand, APA requires you to cite the last name of the author and the year the source was published.

That’s not all…

You footnote or work cited section should include only credible sources. For those who are not aware, in our previous post, we touched base on how to choose a credible source.

Before submitting the coursework

Now that you are done, do not ignore this step. It is as important as the first step. Although some teachers may require you to submit a draft, some do not.

If you have submitted a draft, this is the step you make changes according to the instructor’s comments. What if you have yet to submit the paper what should you look for?

You should start by ticking the word count. If you have not achieved the word count, this is the time to do so.

That’s not all…

Check the structure and format of your paper.

Besides, you should also read your coursework paper aloud. Why? Because it is easy to see grammar errors.

Final thoughts

Coursework writing is your chance to save yourself from a hard exam. To be honest, exams are not too good especially if you are not comfortable sitting in a dark and quiet room. Work hard in your coursework essay and you do not need to worry about the exam.  Stick to the rules and become an expert.

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