How to Write a Winning Dissertation Abstract

A dissertation abstract is a summary of the contents of your dissertation.

If you enjoy reading books, then you might have the habit of checking out back cover before reading it.

By doing that what are the chances of you reading a boring book?

Zero chances, right?

That is how readers will look at your dissertation abstract.

For this reason, you need to write a compelling and informative abstract to encourage the reader to read the rest of your project.

The good thing about abstracts is that you need to write them after finishing the dissertation.

Contents of a dissertation abstract

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dissertation proposal

How to Write a Winning Dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal can be a bear.

Imagine waking up in the morning and listing down the day’s goals. Then during the day, you do your best to ensure that you have accomplished all your goals.

How does it feel? Amazing, right?

Now let’s flip the coin and imagine that you didn’t have any goals for the day.

How much are you likely to do?

I can tell you for sure, not much.

That’s why you need a research proposal before you start writing a dissertation. A proposal guides you when writing your dissertation.

If you manage to come up, with a decent proposal then the battle of dissertation writing will be half won.

So what is a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a plan that is used to show and justify the need to study your chosen topic. The proposal must present enough evidence to show that a need exists in the chosen field of study.

Why is a proposal important?

A dissertation proposal helps to improve your ability to design an exhaustive study.

Here’s the catch…

Since the proposal contains a comprehensive review of literature, it makes it easier for the writer to locate associated research.

A proposal is similar to the dissertation. But unlike a dissertation, the proposal does not have the findings and the results analysis.


 How do you write a winning dissertation proposal?

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dissertation topic

How to Choose a Dissertation Topic Like a Pro

“Do not reinvent the wheel, just realign it.”

Everything in this article is not new to you. But, we’ve made it clearer for you to understand what it takes to choose the right dissertation topic.

Too many options but only one choice.

It’s confusing, right?

From the coursework to the course content, choosing a topic isn’t easy.

More so, you will be stuck with the dissertation topic from the beginning of your thesis writing to the end.

Continue reading to know what I am saying…

So how do you choose a dissertation topic?

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Gender Violence in Africa Term Paper Sample

Gender violence is a complicated issue. Consequently, this term paper sample touches on the delicate issue of gender violence. Gender violence for a majority of people is a common occurrence. Take Africa for instance, gender violence is much more popular and common. But the causes of gender violence in Africa are even more interesting. Some African women feel loved when men are violent against them.

As interesting as that may sound, it’s important to address the issue from the perspective of different researchers. In fact, you will note that even as gender violence is common to women, men are equally subject to Gender violence. Believe it or not, in the term paper below we noted that in 1 out of 5 participants of a study on gender violence was a man?

Sad, right?

Yet these numbers keep on increasing by the day. In the past year, Police in the US has received more than 10, 000 calls from men asking to be rescued.  The violence is common in urban areas than in rural areas.

I know what you are thinking. How can a man be beaten by a woman? (LoL)

Do not be surprised by this argument because the facts are laid on the table.

Gender violence

If you are interested in other term papers or research papers, you may also like to check our samples. If you are tired without enough time to write your essay, you can always count on Our services are custom and meant to simplify your life.

So let’s get to it and clear the air with a sample term paper on gender violence in Africa. Our selection of Africa regarding this issue is because Africa records the highest rate of gender violence in the world than any other region.  While we may blame the culture for this, stick around and you will be surprised by other reasons explaining the increasing gender violence

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