How to write an argumentative essay

How to Write an Argumentative College Essay

Heads or tails? Your choice

Why do you argue with a friend? Because you have two opposing opinions and both of you are not willing to give up on your points. That’s basically what an argumentative college essay is. You have two sides of the coin- the one you are up against and the one you agree with.

Just like arguing with a friend, your argumentative college paper has to make sense for it to stand ground. You need to come up with proven or factual statements when writing an argumentative assignment.

Let’s take a simple example of an argument like ‘waking up early in the morning is a sign of productivity among people’. You disagree because there is more to productivity than just waking up in the morning. There is time management, prioritizing on tasks, avoiding distractions such as social media and procrastination.

That makes sense because you have the basis but you can’t be against waking up early in the morning because you don’t like waking up in the morning.

One important thing to remember in writing an argumentative college essay is that your opinion has to make sense to the reader.

So what really makes a great argumentative assignment? Let’s get into it. Continue reading “How to Write an Argumentative College Essay”