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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic Like a Pro

“Do not reinvent the wheel, just realign it.”

Everything in this article is not new to you. But, we’ve made it clearer for you to understand what it takes to choose the right dissertation topic.

Too many options but only one choice.

It’s confusing, right?

From the coursework to the course content, choosing a topic isn’t easy.

More so, you will be stuck with the dissertation topic from the beginning of your thesis writing to the end.

Continue reading to know what I am saying…

So how do you choose a dissertation topic?

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Gender Violence in Africa Term Paper Sample

Gender violence is a complicated issue. Consequently, this term paper sample touches on the delicate issue of gender violence. Gender violence for a majority of people is a common occurrence. Take Africa for instance, gender violence is much more popular and common. But the causes of gender violence in Africa are even more interesting. Some African women feel loved when men are violent against them.

As interesting as that may sound, it’s important to address the issue from the perspective of different researchers. In fact, you will note that even as gender violence is common to women, men are equally subject to Gender violence. Believe it or not, in the term paper below we noted that in 1 out of 5 participants of a study on gender violence was a man?

Sad, right?

Yet these numbers keep on increasing by the day. In the past year, Police in the US has received more than 10, 000 calls from men asking to be rescued.  The violence is common in urban areas than in rural areas.

I know what you are thinking. How can a man be beaten by a woman? (LoL)

Do not be surprised by this argument because the facts are laid on the table.

Gender violence

If you are interested in other term papers or research papers, you may also like to check our samples. If you are tired without enough time to write your essay, you can always count on Viselance.com. Our services are custom and meant to simplify your life.

So let’s get to it and clear the air with a sample term paper on gender violence in Africa. Our selection of Africa regarding this issue is because Africa records the highest rate of gender violence in the world than any other region.  While we may blame the culture for this, stick around and you will be surprised by other reasons explaining the increasing gender violence

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Getting Started with Writing Dissertations- An Introduction

A dissertation can be a real bear.

This is your final year, and you are almost done with College or University.


Let me guess, you have not submitted your final project. And you know that you can’t graduate without it. Been postponing for how long?

Or are you the proactive type? Already working on the project? Good job.

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Basic Rules of Grammar to Always Write a Killer Essay

Grammar is not for the light of heart.

Don’t you hate it when writing your essay and you can’t figure out which word to put where and how in a sentence? I know I have.

There is a lot that goes into writing a killer essay and grammar is something you don’t want to ignore.


What is grammar really?

According to Wikipedia, grammar is a combination of rules that govern the creation of phrases, sentences, words and clauses in any language.

Surprisingly, good grammar is not only important in writing essays, but it is also crucial in emails, business, and oral conversations.

It would then be a good idea that you not only master grammar as an art, but that you starting learning the ropes now.

And did you know that there is even a National Grammar Day on March fourth?  Ooh, shouldn’t you then honor this day by writing a grammatical essay?

According to a report by Northumbria University, many native English speakers do not understand the structure of a basic sentence.

Does this sound like you? Then read on

What is the importance of grammar in academic writing?

Seriously, why is grammar so important?  Understanding grammar in writing is the key to writers’ or students’ competence and confidence.

Besides, grammar helps people to understand each other. For instance, it helps you as a writer to communicate your ideas efficiently and effectively.  The difference between an A and D essay depends on how well the author understands grammar.

In fact, a mastery of grammar will go a long way to help in understanding and following the instructions of your essay.

Without grammar, there is no logic in your writing.

Are you an English second language (ESL) learner or a native speaker who wants to excel in academic writing, sit tight and let me walk with you on this journey.

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How do I write a catchy hook for my essay?

Don’t you just hate it when you have no idea what a hook is and where and how to write one?

Well, we’ve all been there.

Just like a fisherman who has to have the hook before catching the fish. An essay must, therefore, have a hook before you can give the important details.  Want the readers to keep reading and reading? Then create a way to grab their attention.


What is a hook really?

A hook is part of the introduction. In fact, it is the first or the second sentence of the introduction in an essay.  However, depending on the type of document you are writing such as a book, the attention grabber could be one paragraph or a couple of sentences.

“An essay without a hook is like a fisherman without the bait. He can catch no fish.”

Why do you need a hook?

You need a hook to make the readers lose track of time and do nothing else but read your essay. Why then write if you cannot grab the attention of your readers? In the first place, you have no readers if you can’t get them to start reading.

Sadly, the reader doesn’t care about your essay or what you have to do to make them listen. But we care and it is your responsibility to care too.

Mind you, a hook is not only good for college papers but it is also crucial in journalism, music and writing books.

How to write a hook sentence

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