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Viselance writers are qualified professionals who are vetted on quality, turnaround and performance.

We do not condone plagiarism even of the lowest level. See, we write papers from scratch and cite the sources accordingly.

We also use certified plagiarism checking software. It is not easy to beat plagiarism checking software like Safeassign & Turnitin especially when you are short on time.

In such a situation, custom written essays are the best as they will guarantee both quality and grades.

Things like bibliographies, revisions, outline and sources are not extras but they are elements of a standard academic paper.

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Our tutors have to pass through a three step process of rigorous vetting. The funny thing about the competition is that they will hype all about how they give you extras and that their writers are professionals.

But many of these writers are just students like you some of whom are non-native speakers.

Look... no offense but I would not spend a dime for a low quality essay. Here at viselance, we respect our reputation; we give you our word for your trust.

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One of the things we care about is our own privacy and ability to deliver the grades you want.

For this reason, we want to know as little about you as possible.

When making your payment, all the information is processed through a secure third payment gateway like PayPal.

All we correct from you is the name you provide when ordering. Beyond that, we do not know anything else and sure as hell we do not want to know.

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Want a custom writing service that can crush any type of essay? We have experts who can work on any research paper.

In that vein, we offer a range of services and have writers who can work on any other subject.

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We value your money and that is why we want you to spend when and where you are comfortable. Here at Viselance, we have a limited warranty for all orders.

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Get affordable essay writing help starting from $12 per page. Although there are other cheaper paper writers, our prices are affordable and reasonable for all customers.

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By choosing Viselance you will never go wrong! Whether you need guidance with your high school essay, mba assignment, college term paper, undergraduate research we are your solution.

Many people attend school and at the same time report to their work places. Yet it is not easy to give the best of both sides.

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We do not want that for you. We want you to get the best out of both.

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Yes. Viselance is a leading essay writing service and tutoring company that delivers only the best and most of all, custom written essays for college, high school, university, and master as well as doctorate levels.

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Do not worry about the deadline either, Viselance.com tutors work on papers with any deadline, including a 1-hour essay, 5-hour essays, urgent research papers, long deadline dissertations and thesis.

While our experts are trained to work on any essay and research paper, all you have to do is place your order and pay a little more for an urgent essay than you would pay for a normal paper with a long deadline.

We know we are not the cheapest around, but we do not want to promise what we cannot give.

We are here to make your life easier, but not to take away your hard earned money.

For this reason, our prices are reasonable and every penny is worth it. For more details you can check our pricing here

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